Historic Graffiti – The Hidden Story of the Hopes, Fears and Desires of a Nation

by James Wright

Thursday 21 March 2019

This fascinating lecture by the architectural historian James Wright looks at some of our ancient English Castles and Great Houses through the eyes of the artisans and stonemasons that built them.  From the historic graffiti and ritual protection marks they left behind, we will learn how these tell the hidden story of the hopes, fears and desires of a young English nation and of the men who helped build it.

Ritual Protection Symbols found in medieval buildings dating from 1550 to 1750


James Wright


James Wright is an archaeologist and historian based at the University of Nottingham. With over twenty years of professional experience, he has published two books and several popular and academic articles. He is a very proficient public speaker and has spoken to a wide variety of organizations including Historic Royal Palaces, The National Trust and the Museum of London.

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