“Mind the Gap” Graphic and Poster Design on the London Underground

By Charles Harris

Thursday 28th January 2021



Mind the Gap’ examines the world-beating graphics, designs and posters created for the London Underground. From early days through the inventive inter-war years, this lecture is rammed with well-known artists and great stories. Many of the world’s cleverest graphic designers have worked for the London Underground and still do!



Focusing on the role of posters and poster artists in the history of advertising, this global-award winning Creative Director of international advertising agencies has lectured extensively on design, illustration and photographic styles as they have influenced the building of brands. He has himself created posters for major brands including British Airways, Nestlé, Sony, General Motors and Shell. His travel writing and photography has appeared in various airline magazines as well as Time. He has also written and produced several hundred TV and Radio commercials and corporate video programmes. 


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